“Bail bonding” is a subject where many people believe they are experts. Just because someone has “been there, done that” doesn’t mean they are an authority on the often arcane rules. Take this mini-course and be prepared should you be sent to jail while awaiting trial.

Marcus Hutchins, a disgraced ethical hacker from the UK, was detained in Las Vegas and now allowed to post $30k bail pending his trial.

Nevada recognizes two types of weapons charges: felony and misdemeanor. A weapons charge usually comes out of different actions. Felons are not entitled to own firearms and doing so is a felony. Carrying a concealed weapon without a license is a felony as well, and gun charges might also serve to enhance co-occurring crimes.

Tourists are being given citations and fined for foraging in some of Nevada’s state parks. They’re not gathering psychedelic mushrooms or ginseng. The harvesting ‘pinion nuts’ or pine nuts — first made famous by Euell Gibbons in the 1960s. The delicious nuts can only be gathered by Native American tribes or harvesters with state-issued licenses.

It’s novel and sounds like a movie script, but a mobster opened a bail/bond agency in Las Vegas to launder proceeds from gambling, prostitution and other crimes. The individual would throw gambling parties giving him the opportunity to skim. Skimming has come up in the world. One party put $10 million in his pocket.

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