Poor people can’t catch a break in America – in many ways. One of the changes meant to level the playing field are the laws surrounding bail. Too often an indigent person finds they have to set behind bars – without trial, without a conviction – for simply not having enough money to cover bail. In extreme cases, the innocent are locked up for months and years. Progressive minded state legislators are taking steps to begin to change the way poor people are punished for being poor.

Harsh discussions take place whether to leave bail bonds system as is or to eliminate it completely. Several states have launched investigation into the issue. Let’s see what Nevada has to offer.

Las Vegas law enforcement does not maintain separate records for police shootings and bond agent woundings. Since 1973 when the Clark County Sheriff’s Department merged with the Las Vegas Metro PD,

The caprices of bail in Las Vegas are many and can’t be defined easily. A 50-something-year-old man who is declared innocent after spending twenty years in prison can’t get bond while the ruling wanders its way through justice, but a twenty-something attorney walks free,

For a trio linked to an actor’s death in Las Vegas, they had some strange requests. Killeen Cota, Janette Martinez, and James Martinez-Amador appeared for their bail hearing on Monday. The trio, accused of swindling almost $1 million from Charles Thomas Deishley,

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